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For the founders of the Luma Boardgame Edition, fun is to be taken seriously. Each game we market is chosen for its originality and its potential to reach the Luma effect.

The Luma effect is this spark that shines in the gamer’s eyes when he finally finds the right solution to his problem and he can make a move. It’s that flame that ignites him when he plays…it’s what makes our games so successful.

Our team



Born in Germany, Martin studied Political Science before re-focusing on more important things – board games! Having moved to Canada (via Iceland!), he now wants to bring his passion for games to players around the world through Luma Games.



Born in Montreal, Marc has been playing games since his childhood. In the beginning he organized and hosted tournaments at a games store. Since the arrival of European style board games he has developed a fondness for this type of game and has become an avid “eurogamer”.

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